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Camwear Drain Shelf, Clear

Thương hiệu: CAMBRO
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Mã SP: 10CWD135

The Camwear Drain Shelf is a great way to keep food fresh and ready to use. The Drain Shelf is able to fit in a full size pan and support food while liquids drain down to the bottom of the pan. Foods will stay fresher and easier to use if excess liquid is able to drain down. Constructed out of durable plastic the Drain Shelf is great for use with lettuce, tomatoes, canned fruit and much more. Perfect for restaurants, cafes and cafeterias.

- Plastic; clear
- NSF listed
- Full size
- Sold per each

Kích thước
Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 024 668 444 89
Số lượng

10CWD135325*530 432.000
20CWD135265*325 84.000
30CWD135176*325 56.000
40CWD135162*265 163.000
60CWD135162*176 34.000
90CWD135108*176mm 68.000

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