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Soft Gray, 5 X 9 Peg Rack

Thương hiệu: CAMBRO
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Mã SP: 16C258 151

Soft Gray, 5 X 9 Peg Rack

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This item is Brand New, unused, in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable) and includes the original manufacturer's warranty.

Cambro 5 X 9 Peg Rack, Full Size Dish Rack, PR59314-151, Color Soft Gray.

Designed to wash standard size plates when placed in one direction and deep dish plates and oversized pasta and soup bowls in the other direction.

The 5 Spacing Configuration Holds Up To:

  • Ten 10" deep dish plates or pasta and soup bowls
  • Salad and mixing bowls
  • Serving platters and plate covers

The 9 Spacing Configuration Holds Up To:

  • Eighteen 10" (25.4 cm) plates
  • Twelve 12" (30.5 cm) plates
  • Twenty seven 7-1/2" (19 cm) plates
  • Nine 14" x 18" (36 x 46 cm) trays

Additional extenders may be added to increase height (sold separately). 

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