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Large Chef’s case

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Large Chef’s case

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Large Chef’s case, black, 51 x 38 cm with 2 solid plastic inlays, containing

Rosewood handles 

cook’s knife, broad blade

butcher knife

pastry knife, wavy edge

flexible spatula

cook’s knife, broad blade

salmon knife, fluted edge

3 tying and 2 larding needles in stranperent hull

round sharpening stell, 11″

shaping knife, curved blade

icing funnels (assorted 10 piece set), stainless steel

icing decorators  (assorted 10 piece set), stainless steel

potato peeler, double edge

potato baller, 2 scoops (22+25 mm Ø )

oyster knife with hand-guard

fish shears, stainless steel

apple corer, 16 mm Ø

lemon decorator

lemon zester

kitchen and paring knife

boning knife, straight blade

filleting knife, flexible blade

straight carving fork, forged

carving knife, broad blade

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