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Loại: Là lô
Mã SP: YP-8015

Là lô

Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 024 668 444 89
Số lượng

1 , Stainless steel roller,surface is smooth, nice, long life.
2,Frame and auxilaryhgh - quality steel carbon structures, strong and durable.
3,Pressure roll with guiding ribbons, superior ironing quality, nomex ironing belts.
4, Simple control with Start/Stop button.
5 . Sealed rotary joints, prevent leakage, safety and reliability, save energy
6. Three - phase electrical system , overload protection, voltage and short circuit protection, emergency stop switch. 
7,The fence and travel switch in the input part, reduce fatigue, misuse and the risk.
8, For bedsheets, quilts, tablecloth, towel , curtain, bath towel etc.
Đơn giá bán buôn 150,000,000175,000,000 200,000,000
Model YP-8015YP-8025YP-8028
Max ironing widthmm150025002800
Roller Diametermm800800800
Ironing Speedm/mi0-60-60-6
Motor Powern kw1.51.51.5
Inverter Powerkw1.51.51.5
Max Iron Smooth Temperature230230230
Net Lengthmm250036403940
Net Widthmm138013601360
Net Heightmm118012401240
Net Weightkg78011281194

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