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Flatware Racks

Thương hiệu: CAMBRO
Loại: Flatware Racks
Mã SP: HFR258 151

Flatware Racks

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Số lượng

  • Use to effectively soak and wash and display silverware.
  • Choose from standard flatware rack or upright baskets,with or without handle.
  • Flatware Cylinder fits into 8-compartment Half Size Camrack and goes from dishwasher to self-serve display.
  • Twelve each of the Cylinders also fit into the Cambro Tray and Dish Cart,model TDCR12.
  • The Cylinder's open design promotes thorough washing and complete drainage.
  • Made of durable,long-lasting polypropylene.
  • Built to withstand chemicals and high temperatures up to 200°F (93,3°C).
  • Flatware rack inter-stacks with all other racks and fits through any commercial dishwasher.
  • The smooth top rim of each rack ensures smooth and safe stacking. 
  • 内67mm/外101mm

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